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Okay…what exactly do we mean by booking?

  1. 5 Toes Riding is referring the booking of Troy to speak to your group about his journey.  This would be ideal for school groups and/or corporate groups.  Not only is Troy the most positive person you’ll meet, his journey and the challenges he’s had to face will motivate you.  If you’re interested about learning more, this can only be done by chatting…reach out to us and we’ll get the ball rolling.
  2. You’d like to ride and/or take a tour (snowmobile) with Troy and some of his riding group.  This riding adventure would be catered around the desires of your group and you’ll spend the entire day with Troy and feel the happiness that radiates from him.  Once again…reach out and get a conversation going.  Of course for this type of booking, there are minimum group numbers.  Let’s chat about that.