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Nobody Determines Your Limitations

As Troy was recuperating from his accident, many key people and organizations made the journey possible.  However, Troy’s strength and determination brought him over the finish line.  To coin the mantra of 5 Toes Riding…”Nobody Determines Your Limitations.”

Is Troy Burt the exception?  Well, doctors told him to get use to a new way of living…”says who!” was Troy’s response.  Troy readily admits there were some pretty tough days, but he stayed motivated and worked at it.

As the ultimate gesture, Troy wants to Give-Back and this will not be possible without your help.  With every package purchased from 5 Toes Riding (Tee Shirt & Decal), Troy will see that 5 dollars goes directly to a worthwhile cause to help out folks who are presently battling a situation like what Troy went through.  Is Troy’s journey over, definitely not.  However, Troy wants to help those out there that are starting a similar scary journey because Nobody Determines Your Limitations.